Our core business is manufacture of stamped, bended, deep drawn parts from hot-rolled, cold rolled, hot dip galvanised, aluminium, stainless steel coils and other materials with special characteristics. 

Jutrix’ machine park consists of 40 different presses range with the same number of auxiliary equipment including: unrolling, levelling, feeding, tumbling, burrs grinding and etc. Our large scale of machines operated by highly skilled staff enables manufacturing of technologically different parts.

95 % of our production produced from coils.

We have 9 fully automated stamping lines up to 250 t.

Today we manufacture a wide range of products of more than 500 different items. Per month we produce about 200 different products, more than 1 mln parts and we constantly increasing production volume.

We are nimble and flexible team and in order to achieve the best results, we keep updating production equipment and implementing innovation in manufacturing processes. 

Our commitment is to respond quickly to all your requests.